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our mission

Our mission is to provide a safe home for animals who are escaping neglect & abuse, or whose humans can no longer take care of them. We also believe in the magic of human-animal friendships and the impact that has on one's health - mental and physical.


Our Values

Safety - Community - Kindness

We believe that every living creature should have a safe space to live out their lives without the threat of being harmed. This includes creating a community where everyone feels safe to be themselves and to be thoughtful with our words and actions.


our story

Originally from Ontario, Missa has spent the majority of her life trying to make the world a better place for others – especially animals. She has been vegan since her teens and has always rallied for the better treatment of animals. Her dream was to start a farm sanctuary to help animals who would otherwise be slaughtered or neglected.

Fast forward to 2017 when she moved to Keswick Ridge, NB and adopted her first pig – Maple. After adding a couple more pals she decided to make the move to over 50 acres in Wuhrs Beach, where the sanctuary now resides.

Over 50 residents call Wallflower home now and we spend each and every day making sure they know that they are loved and safe here.

the humans

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